Air Conditioning Care

At Mastertune Dianostics we offer a full air conditioning system clean and de-odorising service.

This includes leak testing using oxygen free nitrogen and for very small leaks a trace hydrogen gas with special detector which highlights leaks with a high pitch tone.


Do not be fooled by garages offering cheap top ups, if you have a leak it will soon stop working and you will be back where you started minus their bill.


Our air conditioning recharge and discharge service enables the gas to be removed cleaned and replaced at the correct weight. It is also capable of testing the system before and after the service and also replaces any oil that may have been lost from the system.

Mastertune Dianostics provides a full air conditioning service including:

  • Diagnostics of the system for both manual and automatic temperature control.

  • Discharge of the system.

  • Purge, deep vacuum, vacuum hold and recharge if no leaks are found

  • Condenser compressor evaporator

  • Pipe work repairs carried out using high pressure crimping tools.

  • Replacement of receiver dryers and seals etc.

  • Replacement of fixed orifice on those systems and a full flush if required.

  • Infrared detection after injecting dye into the system