Vehicle Electronics and Gadget Problems

The modern vehicle is filled with electronic gadgets that eventually, over time, develop problems or just cease to function. These gadgets tend to be very expensive to replace, with dealer supplied parts, so we at Mastertune Dianostics have sourced an alternative supply. Whether it is the reverse park sensors, sat nav systems, front or rear facing camera systems or just the in car entertainment they can all be supplied for a lot less than the original dealer parts. In our experience some of these parts actually cost a lot more than the current value of the vehicle they were to be fitted to. Some vehicles such as the Rover & Mg models, when they are non starter’s due to key or immobilizer faults, can be saved from the scrap yard by fitting a clone set of parts from a donor vehicle the reprogrammed back to the vehicle using the T4 PLATFORM.

All these various gadgets can be replaced or repaired at a fraction of the cost that the dealer would have you pay so the next time you have a gadget problem call Mastertune Dianostics.